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Best Heavyweight hands in MMA clash - Stipe Miocic vs Junior Dos Santos 2 - Pre-Match

The potential of the “fight of the year” award for the mma world. A waited rematch. Two heavyweights known for their striking prowess. Most of the ingredients needed to make a great main event.

The strongpoint of this event? Mma boxing at its finest at the most hyped weight class. Heavy. Weight. 100kg(225lbs).

To cover the basics, we’ll start with a small introduction for each fighter.

Stipe Miocic – The actual heavyweight champion in the UFC, a former amateur boxer with Golden Gloves results, a crisp, heavily-underrated and heavily entrenched in his calm and his skills. With KO wins over former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum, striking veterans Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski, winning a TKO against the best chin in history in heavyweight MMA and kickboxing, Mark Hunt, Stipe Miocic has been on a steamrolling streak of wins since he lost his last fight, against Junior Dos Santos, via decision.
With a large frame and a 203cm reach (80 inches), Stipe Miocic embodies the typical heavyweight fighter. Paired with patience and determination, despite of the challenge.

Junior Dos Santos – A former heavyweight champion of the UFC with an impressive set of skills paired between boxing and brasilian jiu-jitsu, being a BJJ black belt. Coming after a loss via TKO and a win over Ben Rothwell where JDS had shown great skills and impressive agility for a heavyweight, he goes for the belt once again.

Junior Dos Santos surprising Miocic
Tallying numbers, we have a slight advantage in reach leaning in favor of Miocic. Slight, but present.

Speed and reaction advantage are hands-down going to Junior Dos Santos. He is one of the fastest heavyweights in today’s mma with the striking skills to complement that, especially in his hands.

When it comes to strength, Miocic tends to have a slight advantage, shown in both short strikes and in the clinch and wrestling.

The advantage on delivering sudden damage goes to Junior Dos Santos, especially when it comes to fast punches landing in a split-second.

The advantage on delivering systematic damage and pressure goes to Miocic. His typical style leads to TKO’s in an unexpected manner. He simply works and works until he delivers the finishing blows in a very steady rhythm, without any bursts.

They both have considerable experience in the stand-and-trade realm of striking, especially in boxing ranges.

But what really makes this fight interesting is the “counterparting” made by the two fighters.
Miocic, with the reach advantage, has the habit of boxing in a packed-range with a dominating rear-hand in his boxing. Mid-to-close range boxing. He rarely extends on his strikes, maintaining composure with a tall-tight-stance. His powerful habit of staying put pairs well with his fighting metabolism. He has a steady rhythm, paced, leading to safe results and short strikes like packed uppercuts and square-hooks.

On the other side of the cage, Dos Santos has a lengthy way of delivering his punches. Throwing large overhands, long straights and jabs is included in his striking menu. He generally uses those in long range strikes, with basically a setup and the strikeright behind. His KO wins come from high-speed, volatile strikes. His predominating hand in the exchanges is his lead-hand, via jabs or left-hooks, which are highly effective paired with his speed and explosiveness.
This concludes that the engagement range will be around mid-range, ensuring a fight when it comes to an epic striking fight.
The first fight was a great thing to watch. And is also a study film to what to expect when the main event will be taking place.

Prediction: History repeating, leading to the fact that we’ll be looking at a decision, since we’re having a more cautious Junior Dos Santos and a more confident Miocic. The fight could also end as a TKO from each side, but is highly likely that this will to the judges’ cards.
Miocic takes down to pummel usually and Dos Santos has a very adaptive takedown defense. Once he has stopped the first takedown attempt, he tends to calibrate fast with the opponent, having lesser and lesser effort invested in order to defend takedowns.

Miocic pressuring a bloodied up Dos Santos
These two lead to a mid-range boxing mixed with dirty-boxing moments. A well paced slugfest.
The X-Factor: Who has the better clinching and muay thai skills. An a match that looks like a standup exchange with two seasoned boxers, the striking proficiency does make a difference when it comes to the other limbs as well. Elbows and knees will particularily play a pivotal role in the turning of events, especially in a fight that seems to be taken in mid-range striking (arm-reach and closer). None of the two is a kicker by definition and none of the two avoids the striking range, therefore elbows, clinching and kneeing are the factors that could change the outcome anytime.  The greater risks here are clearly for Dos Santos, due to Miocic’s steady and tall stance. His last “hole” was his lowered right hand with a tall stance, but that made Junior Dos Santos’s leadhook find a place most of the times. Yet in lower distance, Miocic manages to weather the storms well.

Stipe Miocic defeats Junior Dos Santos via Split Decision. – MMA Stew’s prediction.
Prediction - Miocic edges Dos Santos via Split Decision in a bloody slugfest

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